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Our VisdaPoint.com website is being renewed, and expanded. Many new Bible-centered studies and articles are being added.

Our publications have brought spiritual blessings to many people throughout the world in the 20+ years we have been online. We hope that what you discover here will be helpful in your life as well.

There’s much work going on behind the scenes to make VisdaPoint a source of valuable information and inspiration. You can check the header or footer Menus to see currently published articles and studies.

What follows is a list of Sections expanding on our website, what you can listen to, and what we’re working on for the days ahead. There is much more to come.

Healthy Living  (A Work in Progress)
Daniel and Revelation Bible Prophecy Studies
C Teske Music
Book Review Section

Special Site Notes:

Sections on the top Menu bar (CARE, Ministry, WorldLight, InSight, and the DA-RE Prophecy studies) contain links to all of the articles that are now listed in Section Directories for easier navigation.

Images in the left column will link you to many valuable study articles already online, as well as to our Mission Statement, Main Program Introduction pages, and Contact Us page.

The right column highlights, and provides links to, our WiseLifeQuotes.com pages, as well as C Teske Music, and our Special Gift Calendar, which is published each month.

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If you are viewing our website from a mobile device and you can’t see the side columns, please be advised that the left and right column contents are compacted on each side of the screen to preserve your content reading space. They can be expanded, or closed, by clicking on the double arrows (blue >> and green <<) located near the top of each VisdaPoint page for your convenience. 

Also, if you are viewing the site in portrait mode on mobile, you will find in the top right corner of each page a small square design with three white bars on it. If you click on this square, a list of all VisdaPoint.com studies and articles can be accessed. Each title on this list has a link to its page.

Let us know if you need help finding subjects you’re interested in. You can use our Contact page link to reach us with any comments, or questions, you would like to discuss. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Our Christian research and service website is continuing to grow. Check back often to see the new additions. Saving the site address as a bookmark can help you return quickly and easily. If you wish to contact us via email our address is: info@visdapoint.com

Thank you for visiting. We hope you will come again soon.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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C. Teske
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