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The Bible Answers Game



What follows is a listing of 40 phrases describing various things of interest about the Bible, as revealed in the Bible. See if you can guess which Bible verses might apply to each phrase.

We suggest that you print out the Bible Game Answers for easy reference. You can also add some of your own verses to share with family and friends to interest them too in learning more about God’s word.

To view our Scripture verse choices, use this Game Answers link.

1. The Bible contains the mind of God,
2. The state of sinners,
3. And the happiness of believers.

4. Its doctrines are holy,
5. Its histories are true,
6. Its precepts are binding,
7. And its decisions are immutable.

8. Read it to be wise,
9. Believe it to be safe,
10. And practice it to be holy.

11. It contains light to direct you,
12. Food to support you,
13. And comfort to cheer you.

14. It is the traveler’s map,
15. The pilgrim’s staff,
16. The pilot’s compass,
17. The soldier’s sword,
18. And the Christian’s character.

19. Here Paradise is restored,
20. Heaven opened, and,
21. The gates of hell are closed.
22. Christ is its grand object,
23. Our good its design,
24. And the glory of God its end.

25. It should fill the memory,
26. Rule the heart,
27. And guide the feet.

28. Read it slowly,
29. Frequently,
30. And prayerfully.

31. It is a mine of wealth,
32. A paradise of glory,
33. And a river of pleasure.

34. It is given you in life,
35. Will be opened in the judgment,
36. And will be remembered forever.

37. It involves the highest responsibility,
38. Will reward the greatest labor,
39. And will condemn all who trifle with its contents.
40. It is God’s Holy Word.

To view our Scripture verse choices, use this Bible Game Answers link.

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This Bible Study Game was designed in part by Chris Teske