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The DA-RE Bible Prophecy Studies


The word DA-RE is an abreviation from the first two letters of the names of the Books of Daniel and Revelation (DA-RE).

In this section of VisdaPoint.com we will be researching important subjects that relate to Bible Prophecy, past, present and future end-time events, how to make preparations for Jesus’ soon return, and inspiring topics relating to eternal life.

The subject of end time events is one of the most important offered to God’s people living in the closing days of this world’s history.

In doing research for the DA-RE  Bible Prophecy Studies, I have discovered that the Bible is filled with an abundance of evidence that reveals parallels between the past,  present, and the future; and that there is yet much more to be understood as time continues, before Jesus returns.

Every effort has been made to include only Scripture and spiritual references that are clear to understand, relevant to the subject at hand,  in context, and which harmonize with subject materials presented.

Articles published in the DA-RE section may be considered controversial within some Christian circles. Yet, all who sincerely desire to be ready to meet Jesus in peace when He returns, and to live in eternity with God, will find here an abundance of solid, credible, support from the Bible, along with well-researched, Christ-centered, references that support each subject presented.

We invite you to share your questions, thoughts, and insights on any point as they relate to the subject you wish to discuss by using the following link:  Contact us. We will do our best to send a reply, if one is requested, as soon as possible.

Some topics will require more than a simple answer, or brief explanation, to address fully. Seek to understand God’s word clearly.

You may find that an investment of time will be needed in order to reach a comprehensive answer to questions you have been seeking an understanding of. This investment can provide you with great rewards.

It’s important that we study intelligently, carefully, and prayerfully; and let the Spirit of God guide in every way as we search the records of the Bible for God’s perspective on His truth.

We request that you use the following links to read three articles: Importance of Prophetic Study, and Approaching Prophetic Study Part 1 and 2), that have been published in this section of our website before advancing further into the DA-RE Studies. These introduction to Prophecy articles (Studies 1 and 2) can greatly help you further advance your research into these important subjects for the days ahead.

I’m happy that you are interested in learning more regarding Bible prophecy. There is still much to discover. I hope that you will be richly blessed in every study of God’s word.

Jesus said:
“… If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
John 8:31, 32

For questions or comments relating to this study on VisdaPoint.com, please contact us using this link.

May God richly bless you in the study of His word.
Chris Teske