Don’t Torture Scripture (Book Review)



Don’t Torture Scripture
(Book Review)


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 Don’t Torture Scripture, by Andrew F. Manthe, addresses 17 verses or passages, that most Christian leaders and laity twist (torture) to justify  doctrines and practices that are not in harmony with the teachings of the Bible. 

The author seeks to correctly present the meaning of these often-misunderstood passages by examining the content and identifying the theme(s) present in the surrounding verses with an eye to the larger testimony of the whole of Scripture regarding the indicated topics. The principle that drives this treatise is: a text without context is pretext (falsehood or error).

The major topics covered include:

The Sabbath

  •      Upon the First Day of the Week, Paul Preached
  •      Upon the First Day of the Week, Let Everyone Lay by Him in Store
  •      Let No Man Judge You in Respect to Sabbath Days
  •      One Man Esteemeth One Day Above Another

The State of the Dead

  •      Absent from the Body
  •      Desire to Depart and Be with Christ
  •      Those That Sleep in Jesus Will God Bring with Him
  •      Today Shalt Thou Be with Me in Paradise
  •      Preaching to Them Who Are Dead
  •      The Rich Man and Lazarus

New Testament Dietary Restrictions

  •      Kill and Eat, What God Has Cleansed, Call Not Common
  •      Not That Which Goeth Into the Mouth, Defileth
  •      Whatsoever Is Set Before You, Eat, Asking No Question

The Book also addresses a verse each that includes the phrases:

  •      Their smoke goes up forever
  •      Thou art Peter, upon this rock I will build my church
  •      One day is like as a thousand years
  •      Neither male nor female (a phrase some use to justify ordaining
         female pastors)

The book is written in an easy-to-comprehend style that both laypersons and religious leaders will appreciate.  Anyone who wants to better understand his or her Bible will treasure this book. The book will prove especially helpful for individuals who give Bible studies on the indicated topics.

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About the Author (From the Back Cover of the Book)

Serving as a part-time lay preacher, Andrew Manthe has given Bible studies to both individuals and groups of people for nearly twenty-five years. He has a passion for correctly understanding and presenting scriptural truth to all who will listen. Mr. Manthe has a degree in religion from Pacific Union College located in California’s Napa Valley. He has three children and resides in Northern California.

What others have written regarding Don’t Torture Scripture

To anyone searching for a common-sense approach to understanding the Bible, I recommend Andrew Manthe’s book, Don’t Torture Scripture.  Mr. Manthe gives a thorough examination of 17 Bible verses or passages that are commonly taken out of context by people who alter the intended textual meanings and conclusions.  I have read his book twice and have used some of the thoughts and Scriptures in my sermons. I purchased over 20 copies of Don’t Torture Scripture and have given away some copies to those who could not afford to buy one.  Everyone, to my knowledge, has enjoyed the book.  I recommend Andrew F. Manthe’s book and his even-handed approach to all the covered topics.  You will be blessed, challenged, and discover a better way to pursue the study of God’s Word, the Bible.  Elder Wesley E. Smith, California

There are passages in the Bible that seem to totally contradict other passages.  This causes much confusion.   In Don’t Torture Scripture, Andrew Manthe shows that by comparing Scripture with Scripture and studying out these passages, they do harmonize.  The book follows Christ’s counsel to study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, but rightly dividing the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15).  
Luke Fessenden, retired pastor, California

After reading the introduction to this book and the author’s explanation of how he came to title it Don’t Torture Scripture, I had to read further.  It was so interesting, informative, and logical I had to keep reading.  I have never seen Scripture more clearly explained, or difficult passages made plainer.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a sincere desire to better understand the Bible.  Bettie B., California