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In our Ministry Program we strive to reveal what needs to be done in order to prepare to reach out and help meet the spiritual needs of people living in the world today.

Christians should be adequately educated, and trained, for God’s service. Serving God is no small assignment, and must be entered into with the assistance of God’s Spirit and a clear understanding of the great privilege, and responsibilities, related to this most valuable work.

The Ministry Program studies you’ll find in this section of have been developed to help meet some of those needs.

For a thoughtful moment relating to the importance of Christian service, please read the interesting, but partly allegorical, story that follows:

“There is a legend which recounts the return of Jesus to glory after His time on earth. Even in heaven He bore the marks of His earthly pilgrimage with its cruel cross and shameful death. The angel Gabriel approached Him and said, ‘Master, you must have suffered terribly for men down there.’

‘I did,’ He said.

‘And,’ continued Gabriel, ‘do they know all about how you loved them and what you did for them?’

‘Oh, no,’ said Jesus, ‘not yet. Right now only a handful of people in Palestine know.’

Gabriel was perplexed. ‘Then what have you done,’ he asked, ‘to let everyone know about your love for them?’

Jesus said, ‘I’ve asked Peter, James, John, and a few more friends to tell other people about Me. Those who are told will in turn tell still other people about Me, and My story will be spread to the farthest reaches of the globe. Ultimately, all of mankind will have heard about My life and what I have done.’

Gabriel frowned and looked rather skeptical. He knew well what poor stuff men were made of. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘but what if Peter and James and John grow weary? What if the people who come after them forget? What if way down in the twentieth century, people just don’t tell others about you? Haven’t you made any other plans?’

And Jesus answered, ‘I haven’t made any other plans. I’m counting on them.’

Twenty centuries later… He still has no other plan. He’s counting on you and me.”

This story was taken from Life-Style Evangelism, Joseph C. Aldrich, pp. 15, 16. Used with permission from the publisher.

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