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Mission Statement



VisdaPoint is primarily an internet-based Christian enterprise designed to educate, and inspire, people interested in preparing for Christian service and eternal life.

A wide variety of resource materials for the comprehensive programs and information found on this website have been developed with the desire to assist people in serving God to the fullest extent of their talents and abilities.

VisdaPoint.com is not sponsored by any religious denomination, and is solely responsible for the content of its pages.

All copyrighted articles found on this site have been used with written permission from their authors or publishers.

Your feedback is valuable. We welcome any insights or commentary you wish to send. We also consider (for future publication) Bible-based, Christ-centered, educational, articles submitted from sources outside of VisdaPoint.com.

For guidelines and specific information regarding publication of individual submissions please contact us by sending an email to VisdaPoint.com through our contact link.

Suggestions for publication of topics that you would like to see on our site are appreciated.

Your insights can further assist in developing true quality Christian Educational programs on the internet, as well as becoming a great blessing to many people.

If you feel impressed to send a financial gift to help expand and develop this self-supporting Christian work, contact us via email and we will advise you how this can be done securely through PayPal.

Thank you for your interest in helping support our site.

Thank you, also, for taking time to review our Mission Statement and for visiting VisdaPoint.com.

Chris Teske