Personal Abilities Evaluation


Personal Abilities Evaluation



Welcome to the Ministry Personal Abilities Evaluation.

Here you can examine your God-given gifts talents and abilities, learn more about yourself, and perhaps find the direction the Lord wants to lead you into His service.

We hope this evaluation will prove to be of value, as you consider the future and your life.

Throughout the course of our life, experiences are continually being made. We grow, learn, develop new skills and talents, and work.  You probably have some talents you haven’t discovered  yet.

In this Ministry section we’re offering an opportunity for you to examine all of these things together; and in so doing, learn more about yourself, and perhaps find the direction the Lord wants to lead you for His service.

This evaluation is divided up into several sections, and is generally very easy to complete. All you need to do is download it to your computer, or copy and print it.

Then, dedicate some personal time to study the evaluation and consider things you know about yourself.

Write answers for each section according to your interests, experiences, and goals for life. The more information you include the more helpful the evaluation can be in assisting you to find and choose a direction in which to advance further.

Don’t forget to pray for the Lord’s guidance as you examine the lists.

You might also wish to discuss different points in the evaluation with a family member, close relative, or friend, who is interested in your life, success, and future.

When the evaluation is completed, you’ll probably be surprised to see how many abilities you already possess.

Since this is a personal survey you can keep its contents confidential if you wish, or use the information to help you obtain a position in Christian service, or other career opportunity. The choice is yours.

This evaluation has helped many individuals recognize the gifts God has provided in their lives. We hope it will prove a blessing for you also.

What would you attempt to do
if you knew you could not fail?
Robert Schuller

Start Here…

General Background Information (For personal reference only)

City State/Country:


Marital Status:

Educational Background
High School:
Subjects Studied:
Year of Graduation:

Subjects Studied:
Major: Year of Graduation:

Personal Information

Church Affiliation:
Length of Membership:
Languages that you speak/write:

Hobbies/ Interests:
Computer Skills:
Office/Administrative Skills:
Work Experience:
Christian Service Experience:

Plans/Goals for Life:

Personal Strengths:


Other Personal Information:

Christian Service Interests

The table below includes different types of service that many people want to know more about, or desire
participate in. Highlight the field(s) you would like to consider for Christian Service, or a career.

 Bible Instructor Office Manager/Director
 Ministry to the Deaf Prison Ministry
Ministry to the Blind Ministry to Disadvantaged People
Other Special Needs Ministry Language Translator
Children’s Ministry Medical Missionary
Christian Counselor Christian Program Developer
Office/Administrative Assistant Christian Seminar Instructor
Literature Evangelist  Christian School Teacher
Publishing Department Assistant/Manager Christian Radio Net Ministry
Christian Writer/Journalist  Christian Video Producer/Director
Christian Multimedia Assistant/Manager Internet Christian Program Developer/or Assistant
Music Ministry Public Speaker
Other (Specify)

Talent Recognition Study

The following is a list of talents, skills, gifts, and abilities. Examine the entries and place a mark in the areasa which highlight the ones you believe you currently possess and/or, would like to use for God’s service. This is not a complete outline. Feel free to expand the list to assess your talents.

Artistic skills Health Money Social skills
Ambition Hope Moral Principles Time
Balance Intellect Patience Understanding
Building abilities Joy Peace Wealth
Confidence Kind affections Possessions Wisdom
Cooking Skills Knowledge Property Writing skills
Creative Skills Love Public Speaking Translation skills
Designing Meekness Reading  
Drawing Memory Reasoning  

It doesn’t matter if your talents are great or few;
What matters is what you will do with them in your life.

 This article and evaluation survey was written and designed by Chris Teske

You have reached the end of the Personal Abilities Evaluation.  We hope it was of help to you.

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