The Living Truth About Death


The Living Truth About Death



Surrounding the subject of death, there exists a wide variety of beliefs, theories, emotional feelings, ideas, thoughts, and superstitions.

What actually happens when someone dies? What takes place after that event occurs, also is most important to understand correctly.

“Where can truth about death be found?” is a question many people often ask.

Is there an accurate resource which can be examined that clearly addresses these and other related topics?

The answer is, yes. There is a reliable resource for this most important subject. It is found throughout the word of God. The Bible is the most accurate, up-to-date, reference Book, relating to the subjects of life and death, that exist in the world today. What it teaches you need to know.

Death is not something that people generally like to think about, let alone investigate into deeply. But there are some very important reasons why such an investigation should be done.

Some of these reasons involve individual, personal, issues and concerns.

Another reason relates to the spiritual preparation needed for the serious tests and trials that are soon coming to our world. What is to take place will affect everyone who lives at that time. The truth about death must be understood clearly.

This introductory study contains links to our Scripture database which will provide a strong weight of evidence from the Bible that reveals the living truth about death. To see it now, you can click on our database link.

We believe that you will probably have some questions after doing your research here.

If some questions arise, we would like to encourage you to share your thoughts with us. It is our desire to assist you in locating the truth about this subject, and help you build a good personal and spiritual foundation with God and the Bible for the days ahead. You can use this link to Contact us.

May God bless you in the study of His inspired word is our sincere hope and prayer.