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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

On this page we will answer some of our visitors’ most requested information regarding our Christian Service website, and its long online history.

1. What Does the name VisdaPoint mean?

The name VisdaPoint was chosen after prayer to the Lord for His blessing and guidance for the creation and development of this Christian Service website. It identifies the goals and mission of our site, and has the following meaning:

V = Vision
I = Inspiration
S = Service
D = Decision
A = Action
Point = To Direct toward something important. Helping people to come into a closer personal relationship with God, and to receive His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, the Creator of the world, our Lord and Saviour.

2. Was this website online in the past? It looks a little different now.

Yes, the VisdaPoint website was put online originally in the early 1990’s through Geocities. Geocities shut down several years ago, and closed all of the sites it hosted. VisdaPoint is in process of being revived, and now has its own domain address ( You can expect to see a much wider expansion of published materials, and valuable information, on the newly restored and updated site.

3. Are articles previously presented on the original website still available?

Yes, we have tried to preserve as many of the articles as possible on the new site. Some of the originally published articles are being revised as needed, and we have reformatted pages to make them easier to read. If you don’t find something on the new site that you remember from the original one, use this link to our Contact Form to send us an email. We’ll try to locate what you are looking for.

4. Where can I write if I have questions regarding the site, studies, products, or anything else found on

You can use our new email address:

We encourage you to write to us for any reason. Your thoughts, suggestions, insights and ideas can help us develop the website further and be a blessing for many people throughout the world.

5. Do you consider accepting articles from new authors for publication on your site?

Yes, any article that is Bible-based, spiritually balanced, and in harmony with the mission and goals of VisdaPoint will be considered for online publication. At the present time we cannot pay new authors for the submissions we accept, but will include all available copyright information with the articles published to insure proper credit is given for their work.

In addition, all articles, studies, images, programs, as well as the website design, found on the VisdaPoint website have been created and/or written, and are subject to copyright, by Chris Teske, unless otherwise noted.

Additional copyrighted articles and studies presented by others have been used with the written permission of their authors and publishers. All rights are reserved.

Contact us to request a copy of our Publication Submission Guidelines if you would like to have an article considered for publication on our website.

6. What Bible version do you use for articles and studies on your site?

Unless otherwise noted, all Bible texts have been referenced from the King James Version. We prefer that this version be used for all articles submitted for publication.

You have reached the end of our FAQ page.

To discover more of see the links in the navigation header, or footer. If you find our studies inspiring, and helpful, we hope you will visit other sections of our website, and take a moment to send an email to: and let us know if you’re enjoying what you find here.

And, if there are subjects you are interested in, and would like to see published on our site, please feel free to send us your suggestions. Your insights can assist in developing the site further.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you’ll come again soon.