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CARELIFE Empowering
LIFE & Your Personal Relationship Skills,
Part 5 of 5

In this section of the CARE program you will be studying about LIFE Empowering. Each letter in the word LIFE has a special meaning which can help you begin understanding and helping people in their daily interactions, and in solving personal problems.

Empowering the Process

To EMPOWER : empower means to give ability to, enable, or permit something. Once you have:

  • Listened
  • Identified with the person and his/her needs
  • Gathered the Facts of the problem, your next step will be to
  • Empower the process of problem solving

This can be accomplished by working together to help in finding a viable solution. When you have come to the step in which it is time to activate the process toward solving a problem, all the people involved need to work together to help find a good solution. Do you feel that it is important for everyone involved in solving a problem to try to work together? Why?

Here are some ways to begin working toward a solution

1. Utilize all the available knowledge you have obtained for solving problems:

  • Link this knowledge with prayer
  • Open a discussion with the person experiencing the problem
  • And restate the specific points relating to the problem

2. Be sure to involve the person who has the problem in the solution developing process. Ask some questions:

  • “How do you think we can begin to solve this?”
  • “What do you suggest should be done?”
  • “What do you think?”

3. Work to obtain a commitment for action. Ask additional questions:

  • What can be done?
  • Who can help in reaching the goal?
  • How should we get started?
  • When can we begin?

4. Stay in contact with the person in need.

5. Follow up what you have begun. Don’t start to help someone, and then abandon them. Look over the 5 points listed above, and consider how each one is important in helping people solve problems. Record your findings for future reference, and discuss them with a friend. The process of helping people with personal problems is a delicate one, and as you have probably discovered already, it is not something to be entered into without careful consideration and understanding. Always ask for God’s guidance, and seek professional assistance if the problems encountered extend beyond your experience and ability.

Coming together is a beginning.
Staying together is progress.
Working together is success.

This article was written by Chris Teske

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