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Christian CARE

Relationship Program

The Christian CARE Relationship Program seeks to help bring understanding on how to express your thoughts, beliefs and ideas with true Christian love, and discover ways to help others do the same.

Some years ago a series of seminars called CARE was developed for the purpose of assisting medical workers interrelate and communicate better with their patients, their families, and with one another. What you will be studying here is an adaptation of that original course. It has been designed to help you begin to understand yourself and others better, and to become more efficient in preparing for life and Christian service.

In this course you will learn about communication skills. You’ll discover ones you have, and ones you may need to improve. It is important to remember that everyone sees life from different viewpoints. We’ve made different experiences, perhaps we’ve come from different cultures and family backgrounds which have influenced the way we think and interact. In spite of such diversity, we can all learn to communicate better. Understanding how to express your thoughts, beliefs and ideas with true Christian love, and discovering ways to help others do the same, are goals we hope you will succeed in reaching through study of the materials contained in this program.

This article was written by Chris Teske

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