Three Things Everyone Wants (Answers)

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Three Things Everyone Wants (Answers)

On this page you will find our suggested answers for the desires of persons presented
from the list on the Three Things Everyone Wants study main page.

1. Peter (Jesus’ Disciple): Security Matthew 19:27

2. Job (Rich man of the East): Acceptance Job 19:6, 13-19

3. The Israelites & the mixed multitude: Security Numbers 11:4, 5

4. James & John (Jesus’ Disciples): Achievement Matthew 20:20-24

5. Aaron (Brother of Moses): Acceptance Exodus 32:21-23

6. Orpah & Naomi (Two women of faith): Security Ruth 1:8, 14-15

7. Nebuchadnezzar (King of Babylon): Achievement Daniel 4:28-30

8. Paul (Apostle of Jesus): Achievement 2 Timothy 4:7, 8

9. Mary (Jesus’ Mother): Acceptance John 2:1-3

10. Abigail (Wife of Nabal): Security 1 Samuel 25:14-20, 23-28

11. David (King of Israel & Judah): Security 1 Samuel 21:10

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The article answers listed here were written by Chris Teske

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